Boomerang 1.9.0 is released


Whats New

This version adds Twilio connector to the Boomerang Notification Framework. With this connector IT pros can quickly build both inbound and outbound SMS alerts and notifications with Boomerangs simple to use SQL interface.

To learn more about sending and receiving SMS messages check this page at out.

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About Boomerang Notification Framework

Boomerang is a collection of notification services for creating applications that generate and send, as well as receiving notifications. Using the Boomerang notification framework, you can quickly create applications to generate and send notifications to customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

The application interface of Boomerang is entirely based on SQL Server (MS) meaning that each notification service has a corresponding table object that represents the service in question. For example to send and email out you would insert a record into the OUT_EMAIL table. To send a fax you would insert a record into the OUT_FAX table.

Boomerang version 1.8.0 is out


What’s new

This version adds two new exciting connectors to the Boomerang Notification Framework; Dropbox and RightFax. These two new features let’s IT professional to quickly build integration and communication solutions without the time consuming task of writing code to interact with respective API’s.

Dropbox | Boomerang Notification Services RightFax | Boomerang Notification Services


With a few simple T-SQL statements you may upload files to your Dropbox account. The file source may come from a network location, SSRS report or as a varbinary column in SQL. To learn more how Boomerang’s File Out with Dropbox works follow this link.


Boomerang’s RightFax connector connects to the OpenText RightFax Web Services and offers a turn-key solutions for integrating with RightFax functionality in a corporate environment. To learn more how Boomerang’s Fax Out with RightFax works follow this link.

Release Notes

This release also includes version 1.7.0 of Boomerang Notification Framework. For details on all changes and additions in the new release see these two documents: