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We have decades of experience in improving business processes in a wide array of industries and markets. We believe in a hands-on and pragmatic approach with a focus on the goal rather than the path to it.

Boomerang Quick Start

Services | Fuel9 Boomerang is easy to use and implement but If you are short on time or resources we offer a Boomerang Quick Start program to get you up to speed in minimum amount of time.The Quick Start program includes the following services:

  • Installation
    • Configuration of SMTP/Fax Servers/Twitter
    • Validation tests
  • Training
    • Architecture
    • Building Notification Solutions
    • Best Practices
  • My First Solution(s)
    • Identify Need
    • Design and Build Solution
    • Test and Release
Length 2 Days
Price $1,995 (Excluding Travel Expenses)

Services | Fuel9  

My Boomerang Extension

Services | Fuel9 If you have a need to integrate with a cloud service (API) or a piece of infrastructure that is not covered by the Boomerang feature set we offer an hassle free and cost effective solution – My Boomerang Extension. For qualifying* extensions the following is included:

  • Requirement Review – Tell us what you need.
  • Software Development – Our experienced engineers will do their magic.
  • Testing & Documentation – We will test and write the documentation.
  • Private Release – You will get first dibs on the new extension.
  • Public Release - The extension will be merged and released into our standard edition of Boomerang within 6 months of the private release.
  • Support & Maintenance – the extension will be supported and maintained under our standard support and maintenance agreement.

Why My Boomerang Extension:

  • Cost Effective  - You get what you need with a minimum investment and without additional future support & maintenance costs.
  • Low Risk – Fixed price and delivery time.

*) To qualify the extension would need to be based on a common and accepted standard where a reasonable level of documentation exist. We do reserve the right to qualify extensions.

Length 4 Weeks*
Price $4,995*

*) Delivery time and price may vary depending on scope and requirements. Please contact us for a quote.
Services | Fuel9  

Business Process Review

Services | Fuel9 Need help identifying areas where improved communication, automation or integration will further your business? We will together look for effective and speedy ways to change or enhance your current processes using tools from the Boomerang toolbox. Our focus and believes are:

  • Speed
    • Focus on High Return Low Effort Improvements
    • Start Small and Build on Success
  • Simplify
    • Remove Process Steps
    • Automate Processes Steps
  • The Power of Knowledge
    • Relevant & Timely Information
    • Share Valuable Data
    • Automate Delivery
Price from $995 per Day (Excluding Travel Expenses)

Services | Fuel9  


Support Services | Fuel9 We strive to deliver outstanding technical support, may it be through e-mail, by phone or online, to help find answers and resolve issues.Our support offerings includes the following:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Upgrade/Installation Stand By
  • Issue Resolution Guarantee
  • Express Hot Fix
Price $495/Year

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