The table IN_EMAIL contains all e-mails sent to Boomerang. If the original e-mail was sent by Boomerang the jKey will populated so that the message thread easily can be followed. To improve tracking result the OUT_EMAIL.IncludeKey options may be set. For more information on enabeling tracking on outgoing emails see this page) .

You should not directly manipulate this table (with except the Processed_On column), as it automatically receives rows from Boomerang Services each time a new incoming message is received.

Column Type Values Comments
jKey Uniqueidentifier Null value indicates that received e-mail cannot be linked to a message sent out by the e-mail service
rKey Uniqueidentifier
Created_On Datetime Date and time when the record was created.
Sent_On Datetime Date and time when the e-mail message was sent according to the e-mail header.
From_Name Nvarchar (255) E-mail display name.
From_Email Varchar (255) E-mail address
Msg_Class Varchar (50)
Topic Nvarchar (255) Topic contains a parsed version of the e-mail subject where everything but the original subject is kept.
Subject Nvarchar (255) E-mail subject
Body Nvarchar (max) E-mail message body
Msg_Id Varchar (255) Used internally by Boomerang for tracking purposes.
Reply_To_Id Varchar (255) Used internally by Boomerang for tracking purposes.
Processed_On Datetime You may use this field to update the recorded with a date indicating that message has been processed.

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