Release Notes 1.7.0 – Boomerang

Date: February 3, 2013
This release: 1.7.0
Last release: 1.6.1

New Features

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox is a cloud-based internet file sharing service. Find more information about Dropbox on

Current implementation of the Boomerang Dropbox adapter supports outbound file flow only. There currently is no implementation for inbound files, and outbound file size is limited to 150 Mb.

Enhancements / Fixes

1) Outbound file service will automatically attempt to create destination folder before adding files to it.

2) new Boomerang settings to support Dropbox:

| Setting                      | Description                                       |
| file_proxy_url               | (string), proxy URL to reach behind firewall      |
| file_proxy_port              | (int), proxy port                                 |
| file_proxy_usr               | (string), proxy user id                           |
| file_proxy_pwd               | (string), proxy password                          |
| ftp_passive                  | (int), use passive FTP (0/1)                      |
| dropbox_oauth_consumerkey    | (string), dropbox public key                      |
| dropbox_oauth_consumersecret | (string), dropbox public secret                   |

3) For inbound e-mails check message [CC] field if [TO] field appears empty.

4) Parameter [smtp_log_on_error] is no longer used.

5) Fixed inbound e-mail caching, will attempt to process all cached messages despite any errors.

6) New field in EVENT_CONTENT table to reflect size of the file being transmitted by outbound file service:

[Size] int NULL


Important Note:
You must completely uninstall any previous version of Boomerang binary components before installing this distribution. The existing Boomerang database will be automatically updated by the setup application.

Unless you are upgrading from a previous version, you must obtain an appropriate license from Fuel9. in order to begin using the product. Please refer to our on-line documentation on how to register your copy of Boomerang and receive license for it.