sp_Add_vCalendar_Attendee adds a single optional attendee to a given calendar event attachment.


This procedure may be called any time after a calendar event attachment has been created. It will append a single attendee to an existing Stream value of the attachment. For more information see sp_Add_vCalendar.


exec sp_Add_vCalendar_Attendee @aKey=... , @to=... , @rsvp=... ]


Column Name Data type Direction Description Default Status
@aKey uniqueidentifier in aKey found in EVENT_CONTENT table; this parameter must point to an existing calendar event attachment, otherwise procedure takes no action Required
@to varchar(100) in E-mail address for the calendar event optional attendee Required
@rsvp bit in Flag indicating whether or not an optional attendee should accept invitation for the calendar event (1 = Yes, 0 = No) null, defaults to 1 Optional


Return Code Values

0 (success) or non-zero (failure)


user: public


To add multiple attendees to an existing calendar event.

declare @aKey uniqueidentifier
/* .... some code ... */
exec sp_Add_vCalendar
  @gKey = @gKey
, @jKey = @jKey
, @aKey = @aKey out
, @start = '2012-05-21 14:00:00.000'
, @end = '2012-05-21 15:00:00.000'
, @from = 'info@fuel9.com'
, @to = 'bob@domain.com'
, @summary = 'Discuss possibilities of the vCalendar object'
, @descrip = 'This document defines the iCalendar data format for representing and
exchanging calendaring and scheduling information such as events,
to-dos, journal entries, and free/busy information, independent of any
particular calendar service or protocol. For more information see IETF RFC 5545, 5546.
-- @aKey contains id of the attachement and can be further used to add more attendees
	exec sp_Add_vCalendar_Attendee
	@aKey = @aKey
,	@to  = 'bill@domain.com'
,	@rsvp  = 0
exec sp_Add_vCalendar_Attendee
	@aKey = @aKey
,	@to  = 'todd@domain.com'
,	@rsvp  = 0
/* .... some code ... */

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