EVENT_CONTENT table is used to specify what type of content to be used. Depending on the service you are using different fields apply.

Column Required (not Null) Type Values Comments
gKey Yes Uniqueidentifier gKey need to exist in EVENT_MASTER
jKey Yes Uniqueidentifier The jKey is used to link the OUT_EMAIL, OUT_FAX, OUT_PRINT, OUT_FILE with EVENT_CONTENT. See the database overview for more information.
aKey Yes Uniqueidentifier Auto generated
SeqId Big Integer Field is used to sequence print jobs. The SeqId will determine in what order OUT_PRINT jobs will be sent to the printer.
Src_Type Yes Integer 0 = Streaming, 1 = File, 2 = SQL Reporting Services Report (see column Path below) Field indicates what the source of the content is. You have three options
Path Yes Varchar(500) UNC path for file to attach to an e-mail or the URL (sub folder and report name) path to SQL Report object. E.g: Sales/Weekly_Sales_Report
IsAttachment Yes Bit 0 = Content will be rendered as in the body section of the e-mail, 1 = Attachment Defaults to 1. Only used when sending e-mails.
Name Varchar(500) Name of the output file i.e. file name. Only used when creating a file output or sending an e-mail attachment i.e. OUT_FILE and OUT_EMAIL job.
Format Varchar(10) The value in this field will determine how the SQL Reporting Services report will be rendered.
Stream Varbinary(max) Used to store image data. Only used by file out and e-mail.
Scale Float Used to scale (zoom) print jobs. Value of 1.1 will scale print job to 110%
LeftMargin Float To set left margin printing
Orientation Small Integer 0 = Auto, 1 = Portrait, 2 = Landscape Default 0. Only used when printing
Copies Small Integer Number of copies to print. Only used when printing
Tray Small Integer Select physical paper tray to be used. Only used when printing
Duplex Small Integer 0 = Auto, 1 = Simplex, 2 = Vertical Duplex, 3 = Horizontal Duplex Default 0. Only used when printing. Ignored when printer does not support duplex printing.
Size Integer Reflect size of the file being transmitted by outbound file service. Value set by Boomerang.


Supported format options include:

HTM (or HTML, HTML3.2, HTML4.0),
JPG (or JPEG),
TIF (or TIFF),

For SQL Server Express Edition please see this page

For more info on formats refer to SQL RS documentation.