Database Overview

Database Overview – Diagram

The following diagram depicts Boomerangs Notification Framework core tables and their relations. For detailed table definitions see the Table Overview section

Database Overview | Boomerang Notification Framework


EVENT_MASTER table hosts all user tasks. As can be seen from the diagram a single task can hold an unlimited number of jobs in any combination (OUT_EMAIL , OUT_FAX , OUT_PRINT and OUT_FILE). EVENT_MASTER delete is cascaded in all related tables.

Each job is has a unique status record (EVENT_STATUS) which governs job scheduling, latest outcome and retry data. EVENT_LOG table records job completion details, such as error or success messages.

Each job, can optionally have attachments (EVENT_CONTENT), for example a disk file or an SQLRS report. SQLRS report attachments in turn may have optional parameters (CONTENT_PARAMETER).

The OUT_EMAIL table requires at least one e-mail recipient (OUT_EMAIL_RECIPIENT).

As noted in Services, Boomerang framework can be used to process incoming e-mails. All incoming e-mails are recorded in IN_EMAIL table, which may optionally have unlimited number of related attachments (IN_EMAIL_CONTENT), intended recipients (IN_EMAIL_RECIPIENT) and SMTP headers (IN_EMAIL_HEADER).

Occasionally incoming messages may identify as sequel to a previous e-mail job, such as user reply or delivery report notification. Records for such messages will automatically register keys referring to OUT_EMAIL.