sp_Resubmit_Fax assigns new execution time and releases a given fax job.


This procedure may be called to re-submit any existing job.

If @RunWhen parameter is not specified the job will be scheduled for immediate processing. If cover page related parameters are omited, original values will be used for the job being re-submitted. Cover page template@Cover_Template parameter recognizes template names available on a destination fax server. For more information about cover pages please refer to MS Fax Services documentation.


exec sp_Resubmit_Fax @gKey=..., @jKey=... , @Fax_Path=... , @Receiver_Fax_Number=... , 
[ @Cover_Template=... , @Receiver_Name=... , @Cover_Subject=... , @Sender_Name=... , 
@Sender_Fax_Number=... , @Cover_Note=... , @RunWhen=... ]


>Column Name >Data type >Direction >Description >Default >Status
@gKey uniqueidentifier in Task key gKey found in EVENT_MASTER table Required
@jKey uniqueidentifier in Job key jKey found in OUT_FAX table Required
@Fax_Path varchar(255) in Fax server path Required
@Receiver_Fax_Number varchar(255) in Receiver fax number Required
@Cover_Template varchar(50) in Cover page template null Optional
@Receiver_Name varchar(255) in Receiver name null Optional
@Cover_Subject varchar(255) in Cover page subject null Optional
@Sender_Name varchar(255) in Sender name null Optional
@Sender_Fax_Number varchar(255) in Sender fax number null Optional
@Cover_Note varchar(8000) in Cover page note null Optional
@RunWhen datetime in new scheduled processing time null Optional

Return Code Values

0 (success) or non-zero (failure)


To immediately resubmit a job without cover page.

declare @gKey uniqueidentifier, @jKey uniqueidentifier
/* .... some code ... */
EXEC sp_Resubmit_Fax @gKey, @jKey, '\\server_name\fax', '18005554422'
/* .... some code ... */

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