Release Notes 1.8.0 – Boomerang

Date: April 7, 2013
This release: 1.8.0
Last release: 1.7.0

New Features

RightFax Integration

RightFax is an enterprise fax appliance solution from OpenText Corporation. Find more information about RightFax on

Current implementation of the Boomerang RightFax adapter supports the outbound fax flow only and requires OpenText RightFax Web Services. Please note that the RightFax Web Services product is licensed separately.

Enhancements / Fixes

1) All Boomerang services have now been upgraded to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.

2) Inbound e-mail messages with empty target address list will no longer generate “address malformed” error. Post-processing and cleanup of inbound e-mails is an end-user responsibility. Consider the [sp_On_Email_In] method.

3) Dropbox “my application” public and secret tokens have been made available via the admin console file settings page. Please refer to Boomerang on-line documentation and knowledge base on how to register your own application with Dropbox.

4) New Boomerang settings to support RightFax and Dropbox:

| Setting                      | Description                                       |
| rightfax_user                | (string), RightFax user (default is "Default")    |
| rightfax_password            | (string), RightFax password (default is blank)    |
| rightfax_port                | (int), RightFax Web Services port                 |
| rightfax_status_interval     | (int), RightFax job status polling interval, sec  |
|                              |        (default is 60 sec)                        |
| dropbox_oauth_consumerkey    | (string), Dropbox public key                      |
| dropbox_oauth_consumersecret | (string), Dropbox public secret                   |

5) Fixed an occasional fax status update error for RightFax after the fax message was deleted on the RightFax server end.

6) Fixed reset button behavior in the administration console service property pages.

7) Twitter inbound header definitions have been moved from BoomSvcTwit.settings into Twitter.settings file.

8) Updated Twitter token authorization URLs.

9) Removed default fax server path from setup.



Important Note:
You must completely uninstall any previous version of Boomerang binary components before installing this distribution. The existing Boomerang database will be automatically updated by the setup application.

Unless you are upgrading from a previous version, you must obtain an appropriate license from Fuel9. in order to begin using the product. Please refer to our on-line documentation on how to register your copy of Boomerang and receive license for it.