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It all started with a call from a supplier of aerospace gear out of Rockford Illinois. They were looking for a way to notify their organization of important business indicators and their newly implemented ERP system would not accommodate this in an effective way.

Our experience in Rockford have since been reinforced by similar encounters in various types of businesses through the years.


IT shops everywhere are asked to do more, faster, with less or unchanged amounts of resources. In just about every development project that we have come across, there has been a demand for notification, communication or distribution of information. This ranges from a simple printout in a shipping application, to complex email thread handling in a tech support center.

With these insights we set out to build a notification software that is flexible, fast, dependable and that takes complexity out of the equation.


Today we enjoy an active and growing community of Boomerang users representing a diverse group of business across world.


Some of our valued customers

Permobil The Pabst Brewing Company Heska

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