Release Notes – Boomerang 1.12.0

Boomerang Release Notes

Date: August 10, 2016
This release: 1.12.0
Last release: 1.11.1

Important Note

You must completely uninstall any previous version of Boomerang binary components before installing this distribution. The existing Boomerang database will be automatically updated by the setup application.

Unless you are upgrading from a previous version, you must obtain an appropriate license from Fuel9 Inc. in order to begin using the product. Please refer to our on-line documentation on how to register your copy of Boomerang and receive license for it.

Discontinuation notice

Please be advised that 32-bit offerings of Boomerang software will be discontinued in all future releases. At the same time we are also droping support for Boomerang software under all editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP. Please make necessary plans to upgrade the OS on systems which host Boomerang services.

Enhancements / Fixes

1) Improved inbound e-mail processing thru automatic thread control.
2) Fixed intermittent “String or binary data would be truncated” error for inbound e-mail non-delivery reports.
3) Introduced two new e-mail service settings (SYSTEM_VARS table, string type) for debugging purposes: “smtp_archive_path_in” for all inbound e-mail messages and “smtp_archive_path_out” for all outbound e-mail messages. Granted either setting contains a valid local or network path, Boomerang e-mail service will automatically store e-mail messages to that path in raw MIME format, named after corresponding record key ending with MSG extension.
4) Fixed inbound e-mail fail-over cache contention to prevent file locking I/O errors.
5) Inbound e-mail non-delivery report user-defined stored procedure [sp_Report_NDRs] is no longer used for performance reasons; moved to [sp_Process_Email_In].
6) Fixed attachment names incidentally containing new line characters for inbound e-mail messages.
7) File adapters for Windows network share and FTP will now automatically remove illegal characters from file names.
8) Using new license signature, added Clear License in Boomerang Admin console. If you are upgrading from previous version you will need an updated license. Get more details by writing us at
9) Fixed “UpdatePendingStatus can only be called during the handling of Start, Stop, Pause and Continue commands.” error during Windows shutdown.
10) Fixed intermittent “The index entry of length … bytes for the index ‘IX3_IN_EMAIL’ exceeds the maximum length of 900 bytes” error for inbound e-mail messages.
11) Fixed intermittent “‘…’ is not a supported encoding name” error for inbound e-mail messages featuring unpopular encoding charset values beginning with “cp-”, e.g. “cp-850″.