Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

Why Boomerang

IT shops everywhere are asked to do more, faster, with less or unchanged amounts of resources. In just about every development project that we have come across, there has been a demand for notification, communication or distribution of information. This ranges from a simple printout in a shipping application, to complex email thread handling in a tech support center.

With these insights we set out to build a notification software that is flexible, fast, dependable and that takes complexity out of the equation.

Improve Communication with your Business Stakeholders

Send tailored notifications and alerts with relevant and accurate information for improved and timely communication with your customers, suppliers and employees.
Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server  

How Does Boomerang Work?

SQL Server

Boomerang is a bolt-on solution for MS-SQL Server. The application interface of Boomerang is entirely based on SQL Server (MS) meaning that each notification service has a corresponding table object that represents the service in question. For example to send and email out you would insert a record into the OUT_EMAIL table. To send a fax you would insert a record into the OUT_FAX table.

Core Features

Boomerang includes of number of core communication and notification features in addition to a number of shared features that are available across all core features.

Feature Direction Availible Connectors
E-mail Outbound/Inbound SMTP
FAX Outbound RightFAX, MS-FAX, FaxLogic
Printing Outbound N/a
SMS Outbound/Inbound Twilio
Twitter Outbound/Inbound N/a
File Outbound/Inbound* Windows, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox, FTP. *) Inbound file support only available for windows

Supported Data Base Servers and Operating Systems

Boomerang will run on most versions of Windows and SQL Server 2005 or greater. Boomerang integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services so we recommend using SSRS in combination with Boomerang.

Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server