Release Notes 1.6.0 – Boomerang

Date: October 15, 2012
This release: 1.6.0
Last release: 1.5.0

New features

FaxLogic integration

FaxLogic is a cloud-based internet fax service. FaxLogic combines the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers, while eliminating the drawbacks and incompatibilities. A complete fax communications and document management system, FaxLogic securely sends, receives, stores and manages all of your business documents starting at prices lower than the phone line it replaces.

FaxLogic is the technology leader in hosted fax solutions that help people and businesses optimize their productivity and document workflow. By combining the best of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers, FaxLogic lets you keep your fax machine and give it Internet-powered features. True Multi-User™ collaborative environment and dozens of productivity features let users share faxes, documents and files online with exceptional security and peace of mind.

Current implementation of the Boomerang FaxLogic adapter supports outbound fax flow as well as the corresponding delivery status tracking. There currently is no implementation for inbound fax, and outbound fax is limited to one destination line number per job.

Enhancements / Fixes

1) Corrected spinner on received content size limit in Boomerang console, value of -1 previously resulted in error when attempted to save settings.

2) License levels are now named as follows: DEMO, BASIC, PROFESSIONAL, ENTERPRISE.

3) Enhanced dialog font for services settings in Boomerang console.

4) Fixed VCALENDAR feature:

- blank @to and RSVP flag resulted in empty recipient record
- resolved issue with CANCEL method in VCALENDAR UID parameter
- user replies can now be traced to original invitation via jKey

5) Renamed the following SQL objects and all corresponding constraints to correct previous spelling errors:

Old Name New Name

sp_Process_Email_Recepient_In  sp_Process_Email_Recipient_In

6) New Boomerang settings to support FaxLogic:

| Setting                  | Description                                       |
| fax_cover                | (string), default cover sheet, blank for none     |
| fax_provider             | (integer), 0 = MS Fax, 1 = FaxLogic               |
| faxlogic_account         | (string), FaxLogic account id                     |
| faxlogic_connector       | (string), FaxLogic connector adress               |
| faxlogic_secret          | (string), FaxLogic secret key                     |
| faxlogic_proxy_url       | (string), proxy URL to reach the FaxLogic server  |
| faxlogic_proxy_port      | (string), proxy port                              |
| faxlogic_proxy_usr       | (string), proxy user id                           |
| faxlogic_proxy_pwd       | (string), proxy password                          |
| faxlogic_status_interval | (integer), status polling interval, minutes       |

[important]Note: for account, connector and secret key information please contact FaxLogic support.[/important]
The fax_cover setting is common for both FaxLogic and Microsoft Fax Services provider.

7) Added Twitter proxy account/password settings in MMC
8) New fields in OUT_FAX table to support FaxLogic:

[Receiver_Company] nvarchar (100) NULL
[Receiver_Phone] nvarchar (50) NULL
[Sender_Company] nvarchar (100) NULL	-- reserved for future
[Sender_Phone] nvarchar (50) NULL	-- reserved for future

Changed fields in OUT_FAX table:

[Receiver_Fax_Number] varchar (50) NOT NULL
[Receiver_Name] nvarchar (100) NULL
[Sender_Fax_Number] varchar (50) NULL
[Sender_Name] nvarchar (100) NULL
[DR_To_Email] nvarchar (100) NULL
[Job_Id] nvarchar (36) NULL
[Fax_Path] varchar (255) NULL

Deleted fields in OUT_FAX table:

[Fax_Name] varchar (255) NULL

Changed fields in OUT_EMAIL table:

[Key1] varchar (36) NOT NULL

Deleted fields in OUT_EMAIL table:

[Key2] uniqueidentifier NULL
[Key3] uniqueidentifier NULL

9) Automatic e-mail tracking has been simplified – only one unique id will be used to form the search key instead of three. The following SQL objects were modified to enable the new tracking method.


10) Fixed intermittent array subscript error in IN_FILE resulting in no incoming activity.