Dropbox Integration


We are happy to announce the beta release of our Dropbox service in the Boomerang Notification Framework. Our Dropbox features let’s you upload and download files to an associated Dropbox account.

With the means of Boomerangs simple SQL interface you can quickly build integration, notification and communication solutions.

Learn how to integrate with Dropbox cloud-based file services with a handful lines of T-SQL

We are currently looking for participants to our beta program so If you are interested to participate please send an email to info@fuel9.com.

Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing service that lets users bring photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

Boomerang Notification Framework Version 1.6 Released Today


Boomerang Notification Framework Version 1.6 Released Today

What’s new

The big news is the addition of FaxLogic functionality to the Out Fax service. From version 1.6 you will be able to send faxes out using either MS-Fax Server or FaxLogic’s cloud-based fax services.

FaxLogic is the technology leader in hosted fax solutions. FaxLogic combines the convenience, features and benefits of analog fax, Internet Fax and fax servers, while eliminating the drawbacks and incompatibilities.

Fast and simple Integration to Cloud-Based Fax Service

With the Boomerangs Notification Framework unique database interface you can start sending faxes with 5 simple T-SQL statements. Check out this application scenario to learn more.

For details on all changes and additions in the new release see release notes in the support section.

Fuel9 is looking for Value Added Resellers in North America

Fuel9 is looking for Value Added Resellers in North America

We are wanting to partner with companies who can resell Boomerang Notification Framework to businesses within North America. If you are an IT consultant that offers services based on Microsoft Technologies and you have a large network of business clients, then please get in touch.

Value Added Resellers

The partner will potentially reap the following benefits by adding Boomerang to their solution portfolio:

  • Increased consulting engagement rate
  • New reason to call on customers
  • New ability to serve customers
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Fast implementations
  • Instant return on investment
  • Successful implementation through low risk low complexity

Who typically fits into this category?

  • Familiarity with MS SQL Server and Reporting Services
  • Ability to understand business processes and identify opportunities for improvements
  • ERP and BI Consultants, Developers and Business Process Engineers
  • Have customers that employs more than 100 people

If you are interested in becoming a Fuel9 partner please send an introductory email to charlotta@fuel9.com and include a summary of your business and an overview of your client base.

New Feature – File In

New Feature – File In

We are pleased to announce a new feature in the Boomerang Notification Framework. The new featured is called File In and is available from version 1.5.0.

The File In feature will automatically upload any file saved in a folder on a network share. One or more folder locations may be defined in the Boomerang Administration Console.

Uploaded files will be stored in the IN_FILE table. As with all services in the Boomerang framework File In also provide a way to further processing or evaluation after that the file has been uploaded. This is done with the stored procedure sp_On_File_In.

New Feature: File In | Boomerang Notification Framework

Excel to SQL


Excel to SQL

If you have worked in an IT department it is more than likely that you have been asked, more than once, to update a database from an Excel spreadsheet.

Business user’s preference to use Excel as their primary tool for creating these files is perfectly understandable; after all it is great tool for quickly adjusting, copying and transforming data. However getting the Excel file into a SQL database and process the data requires many steps and is often a tedious and time consuming prospect.

In this new application scenario we illustrate how you can automate excel imports in a few easy steps using the Boomerang Notification Framework.