MAPI based program may stop running

“When you try to run a MAPI-based program on a computer that is running Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2002, the MAPI-based program may stop running after a while. Additionally, when you monitor the MAPI-based program, you may observe a handle leak.”

If you have run into this issue or if you need to develop for the Outlook platform where Exchange Client Extensions support have been dropped there is a great solution – Boomerang. The Boomerang notification framework offers a server based and rock solid platform to send and receive emails, faxes and other forms distribution without having to use the Messaging API (MAPI) or ECEs. Boomerang Notification Framework offers direct SMTP communication and support a range of other commonly used infrastructure.

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If you like to bundle Boomerang or parts of it in a commercial software project please drop us an e-mail at To read more what Boomerang is all about check out the overview.

E-Mail to Database

E-mail In | E-Mail to Database

Boomerang Notification Framework has an ability to receive any e-mail into a SQL database. The message will be parsed into multiple tables i.e. message head, recipients, attachments, body etc.

In addition to comprehensive parsing, our e-mail engine uniquely tags outgoing messages so that any response (replies) can be recognized and matched. This has proven to be valuable in call center and help desk application built with the Boomerang framework for automatic tracking of case history.

Boomerang is a notification framework for IT professionals that provides a rock solid service oriented infrastructure and a rapid development interface.

To read more what Boomerang Notification Framework is all about check out the overview.

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services - SSRS

If you are looking for ways to leverage your Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services implementation or have a need for data-driven subscriptions and are stuck with the Standard (or Express) Edition – Boomerang provides a notification framework that blends easily with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. With the Boomerang notification framework you can distribute existing reports based on any data event or data point imaginable, all you need is some basic SQL skills.


All rendering options in SSRS like XML, CSV, Acrobat PDF, Excel, Jpg as well as full support for report parameters is available in the Boomerang Notification Framework. You can distribute reports automatically via email (as attachment or inline), fax, printer, File/FTP server.


The full version of Boomerang Notification Framework is free to try for an extended period of time so you can be on your way just by visiting our download page. To read more what Boomerang Notification Framework is all about check out the product overview page. For feature summary and pricing click here.

SQL Server Reporting Services | Boomerang Notification Framework